Peter Skilton was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, in 1937. He was educated at Holgate Grammar School and showed an early artistic talent winning the Cooper Prize for art. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Kings College, Durham University in 1959. His working career was in the steel industry as a rolling mill engineer. He continued his interest in drawing and painting as a hobby activity and in later years devoted his energies to developing greater skill and exhibited his work over a wider area.

He has two daughters, Victoria and Freya, who were born in 1966 and 1968 respectively

In 1977 he divorced and later remarried. Currently he lives with his wife Eileen in Snitterby Manor House which they have restored, from near ruin, to modern accommodation over a period of some 10 years.  This property includes several out buildings, one of which has been converted  into a small art gallery where he exhibits  his work and curates small exhibitions for other  artists and groups. Snitterby is a small village 20 miles north of Lincoln UK.

 Peter is currently a member of the North Lincolnshire Artists Society (NLAS)  and exhibits with them in Lincolnshire . He is active in the Lincolnshire Art On the Map (AOTM) organisation and at various times he has also been a member of other local artist groupings. These include; Lincolnshire Artist Society. The Nadin Group. The Irby Group. He is currently Chairman of AOTM and opens his studio each year to the public as part of their annual Open Studio events.

His work is predominately with oil and  acrylic paint on paper and canvas grounds. The paintings are mainly figurative with a strong use of line and colour to create images with a   characteristically bold interpretation of the subject, as may be seen on these web pages.



About the Artist